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Trading Pins

To imagine the unimaginable trading pin is the highest use of your imagination (and is the best use of Pinfanatics unlimited resources)

CUSTOM TRADING PINS! Baseball Pins! Sports pins! Little league pins! What a great way to have fun, create an awesome trade-able pin, and drive your parents, teachers, and coaches out of their minds while spending their money. As for the parents, teachers, and coaches?
We feel your pain, and want to make this as easy on you as possible.

wasco diamonds pin graphicIn order to make your custom pin as readable as possible, The two pin styles that we utilize the most in this class are our copper based Soft Enamel Trading Pins. Another excellent choice are our copper based Epola/Cloisonne Trading Pins. In our opinion there is nothing worse than going to a tournament with a pin that no other team wants to trade for. We promise that a pin with our stamp on the bank will be a highly sought after collectible. How do we make that possible?

Here Is The Big Secret-----This Is All That You Have To Do:

Let Us Take Care Of The Entire Process-----OK?
It's What We Do!!!
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Call us, E-Mail us, heck...send a carrier pigeon with your stick figure designs attached-the PinFanatic staff will do the rest! We look forward to working with you on your CUSTOM trading pin. We have various pain relieving gels and ointments that will help ease your pain and suffering along the way. Our objective is to make this a fun process, and a fond memory, that you will cherish long after the electro-shock therapy has worn off. Baseball pins and little league pins are a favorite of ours. They come in ever color, style, and design. We are preparing to launch a contest to illicit what more you could want out of a trading pin design!

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