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Schools and University

You cannot teach an old dog new math-yet you can buy him some new lapel pins.

As a school, university, or really any type of learning center, a custom lapel pin is a great way to provide identity to your school, reward your student body, faculty, or administration.

They are also great for fund-raising or solving the worlds problems. Custom lapel pins make a great way of soaking the alumni for donations, and yes most styles of lapel pins are totally shower proof. For our clients of academia we recommend the jewelry quality Epola Cloisonne Lapel Pins or the traditional look of the Soft Enamel Lapel Pins.


PLEASE NOTE-When ordering, please remember the three R's of lapel pins---

  1. Read Our Site
  2. Rely On Us
  3. Re-Order Your Pins Frequently

So remove "Lapel Pins' from your "To-do" list right now-put down the coffee mug and legal stimulants, and give us a call. Most likely we will answer the phone, and will do our best to understand what you are ranting and raving about. Please limit the use of Latin or Gaelic terms when talking with us, and most definitely do not forget to...

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