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It would be a sin, not to buy our custom pins.

Custom lapel pins are great for fund-raising, spreading the Word, and proclaiming your faith. We can work with your existing design and/or concept, or we can assist you with creating a new one. Either way, the two most popular pin styles for our Faith based clients are the elegant and shiny Epola Cloisonne Lapel Pins, or the Die Struck Lapel Pins which provide the look of a new or aged coin.

Your friends in fellowship will sing the praises of your finished lapel pins... then again they may pelt you with stones and crucify you. Just place your Faith and Trust in God, and let the PinFanatic take care of the rest....well...your pins that is. You can request a quote, call us to discuss your needs, or perhaps you prefer to wait for a Divine intervention to intercede and provide with your custom lapel pins. Bless You.

We accept a check or credit card as payment. Ancient Roman Coins, Grails, or 2,000 year old artifacts and relics, are not accepted as monetary substitutes nor in trade.

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