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Other Pins

Perhaps you march to the beat of a different drummer...or... maybe you're just a few fries short of a happy meal.

You have selected the all encompassing, all inspiring section known as "All Others." We call it the "Twilight Zone". You may have something weird that we have never seen before, like that neighbor that lives under the stairs with a possum near your Mom's house. Then again, you just may not fall into the other generic categories that we have provided to the left. Good for you. You are a kindred spirit.

Virtually all of our custom lapel pin styles are adaptable to this group. The pin styles and pricing can be viewed by clicking Prices/Pin Types.

Feel free to send us your artwork and/or ideas. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you with the design and creation of your pins. We also have a team of psychiatrists on hand to discuss your world and life in general. We do ask that you keep your arms and legs inside of the tram at all times as you pass through our website. The "Red Zone" is for loading and unloading only.

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