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Government and Military

Let me sit up in my chair. This is serious business now...

First off let me tell you that I have a great respect for our Government and Military Clients. Secondly, my family tree has a rich history of service to both the institutions of the government, as well as the well oiled machine of our great and powerful military. Then again my lineage has a few rotten apples on the same freaking tree, but no one seems to mind that most of our family reunions are held in old mining and ghost towns. Regardless, I was raised with a highly enlightened respect for both institutions. Thirdly, well, there is no thirdly. Although I do know the name of all five beaches at Normandy.

The bottom line is that a HUGE number of our clients are in Government and Military positions and purchase a great many lapel pins (And challenge coins!). Virtually all styles of lapel pins are purchased by clients similar to yourself. You can click on the provided link to view each of our lapel pin styles, or you can send us your image and we can utilize a dart board to determine the best style that "Suits" you.

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