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Business and Corporate

Business and corporate executives with lapel pins agree that a 7% unemployment level is acceptable to 93% of the working population.

A large bulk of our clientele are in the business/corporate world, the remaining parts come mostly from within the confines of our nation's prison system.

Regardless of which group that you may fall into (Or break out of) there are many lapel pins styles that are available. Please place your coffee mug down on the desk. PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN..... NOW!!!! Now... It is our pleasure to guide you through the process of determining which style of lapel pin is the right style for your company needs, and your company's budget.

In most instances our business and corporate client usually prefer the highly polished jewelry finish of the Epola Cloisonne Lapel Pins. In some other instances, the ruggedness and classic looks of the Soft Enamel Lapel Pins is a more appropriate lapel pin. Some companies are beyond our realm of services, and are referred to either the local authorities, or the mental health facility that is closest to their location.

Please Note In This Fine Print that in some instances custom pins are a great tax deduction and may cause fits of profitability and even economic stability. They have also been known to create outbreaks of violence and war, and sanctify kings, emperors, tyrants, and blockheads. Please check with your local accounting professional, bartender, or psycho analyst/therapist.

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