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About Us

Ross Parker-aka "The PinFanatic"

After touring the earth on wooden raft, Ross then broke the single season NFL record for total rushing yards in a single season. He has worked for and/or with overbearing tyrants, evil emperors, stuffed animals, and HUGE "Pin" heads. Fearless in the face of death, he takes great pleasure spending his off time idly quilting and creating needlepoint renditions of classic and famous pieces of artwork (Mostly French Impressionists). He loves puppies, children, and movies involving gigantic crocodiles on rampage in rural Midwestern towns.

Sam Gaffin-aka Ishiro Automatron

Part time graphic arts guru, part time musician, part time movie producer, part time comic book editor, part time actor, and part time human, Sam is responsible for operating the space craft and weaponry of the Third Robot Empire. Sam has a bad habit of repeatedly crashing into planets, asteroids, and pleasure bots. In his off time Sam hangs out with his only three friends in the world, Max, Strobo, and Trog. Careful ladies...he bites!!!

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